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No liquidations
No Interest
No Expiration
Native BTC
Native ETH

Borrow against your native assets like BTC or ETH and receive a USD denominated debt without interest, expiration, or risk of liquidation.


Lending Interfaces

Loans can be opened or managed on any supported interface



Borrow or manage a loan on THORSwap



Borrow or manage a loan on Lends

Lending Information

How Lending Works

Borrow against your native assets, receive as USD-denominated debt


TOR Stablecoin

Collateral is provided as Layer 1 assets and debt is denominated in TOR - THORChain's internal censor-resistant stablecoin oracle. Debt can be paid back as any asset, as long as it's greater than the debt value. Loans can't be partially repaid.

Built In Protections

Lending uses virtual pool depths to make swaps between collateral and debt. Virtual pool depths constrict during times of high volatility to protect the network against price manipulation. The best time to take out or pay back a loan is during times of low volatility.


THORChain loans are overcollateralized - users receive their debt based on the collateral amount and the current collateralization ratio for that asset. As more loans are taken out respective to a pool's depth, the Collateralization Ratio also grows

Safely Scaling

THORChain lending removes RUNE from the liquidity pools, helping THORChain scale. Conservative caps are in place to manage risk to the protocol


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